Mini Tots Soccer Program for preschool children Improve motor and co-ordination skills Pittwater Warringah Ku-ring-gai Coach Tracey Van Grieken and Coach Sue Maurer
The objectives of the Mini Tots Soccer Program

    Mini Tots Soccer  Both children and adults to have fun activity to enjoy together. 

    Mini Tots Soccer  Understanding the importance of exercise. 

    Mini Tots Soccer  Introduce preschool children to soccer and ball skills. 

    Mini Tots Soccer  Kicking styles, using both feet, chasing the ball, keeping the ball close. 

    Mini Tots Soccer  Improve motor and co-ordination skills. 

    Mini Tots Soccer  Help adults to understand the game & skills involved. 

    Mini Tots Soccer  Encouraging children & adults to acknowledge the importance
          and respect of opposing players. 

    Mini Tots Soccer  Educating adults in positive encouragement.

Mini Tots Soccer

Operates during the school term. It operates 8 weeks of the 10 weeks term with the remaining 2 weeks used for make-up rained out classes. The fees are priced accordingly. Please note: missed sessions are non-refundable. Make-up sessions can be arranged with prior notice.

What you need to bring:

    Mini Tots Soccer  Hat

    Mini Tots Soccer  Wear Sunscreen

    Mini Tots Soccer  Closed in Sandshoes/Joggers (no soccer boots or sandals)

    Mini Tots Soccer  Drink bottle

Rained Out Classes.

Should the weather be doubtful, sessions operate on their usual schedule. If in doubt, call our mobiles 0418 277 955 (Sue) and 0430 447 568 (Tracey) as we will be on location. If the rainfall is heavy, then the session will be cancelled and a make-up session will be conducted in week 9/10 of that school term. If Council closes the grounds we can not run – you can call Wet Weather Lines 9970 1236 (Pittwater), 9981 2099 (Warringah) & 1902 213 398 (Ku-ring-gai) or us if you are in doubt.

Child Participation.

When attending Mini Tots, most children willingly participate in the ball skill exercises. Children love running outside with their attending adult. However, sometimes this doesn’t happen. The coaches understand this situation and are happy for them to just listen and watch. They will still be learning and this is their way of approaching the session. Often with time, patience, encouragement and hand-holding they will join in and enjoy themselves.

Adult Participation.

So that each Mini Tots session runs smoothly, coaches may need participating adults. During each session there are exercises in which the children use a small soccer ball. While the exercises are not complicated they often require one-on-one assistance. Initially, adult participation is sometimes required due to loads of enthusiasm and minimum ball skills. However, as the sessions progress through the weeks the children should develop good ball and game skills and will require less assistance. Remember, all the children love the chance to play with their attending adult and enjoy developing their ball skills together.


Coach Tracey Van Grieken is an experienced children’s coach and has a Fitness Certificate Level III & IV. Coach Sue Maurer coaches older children in Soccer, has her Junior License for soccer coaching and a Fitness Certificate Level III. Both coaches have current First Aid Certificates and have coaching qualifications in other sports and fitness.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information. We look forward to seeing you soon, Coach Tracey & Coach Sue. 

Telephone: 9944 7568 - Office Hours: Monday - Friday. 12.00am - 3.00pm.

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