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2.5-3 YEARS

Our 2.5-3 years sessions are based on having a lot of fun and enjoying the game of soccer. As it will be a lot of the children’s first time in a group / class, our coaches priority is to engage each child and encourage them to try every activity.

All activities and drills are scalable, so we love to push gently the ones that are showing ability:)

We concentrate on dribbling, technique, passing and kicking, teamwork, sharing and communicating, and understanding the general rules of the game.

Location: Sydney

Telephone: 0456 440 352


Hours: M-S: 8am – 6pm


Our 3-5 years session are also based on having a lot of fun and enjoying the game of soccer, but we want to get this age group ready for when they play in a soccer team/environment. 

As mentioned with the 2.5-3 years, each activity is scalable so it doesn’t matter if it is the child’s first time kicking a ball or they have gone through the earlier program, our coaches address each child individually and encourage effort and giving it a go. 

We focus on ball control, using both feet, correct techniques, passing and kicking, awareness, teamwork, and an understanding of the game.


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Location: Northern Beaches, Sydney N.S.W

Telephone: (+61) 456 440 352


Hours: M-S: 8am – 6pm